Sonntag, 31. Mai 2015

Winter 2016 Hotel#Saas-Fee

get more for your money in winter 2016 
in the Free Republic of Holidays Saas-Fee. 

in winter 2016 skiing becomes cheaper than 2015
thanks to the Citizens pass - your great value card.

NEW 10% discount on the ski pass 
get 10% discount on the destinationspass from the 3 days ski pass thanks to your Citizens pass. 

NEW Adrenalin Cup included
with the Citizens pass the world’s first Adrenalin Cup is included. it`s saves you CHF 7.00 per day
More fun on the slopes and more money in your purse.

NEW super for Familys
with a 6-days ski pass (Destinationspass) children up to 9 years old can ski for free with the Citizens pass, 
if at least one parent is in possession of a 6-days ski pass.

NEW more further discounts with the Citizens pass

100% discounts
free travel on PostAuto buses throughout the entire Saas Valley, including the ski-bus

50% discounts
50% discount on night sledging in Saas-Fee/Saas-Almagell

40% discounts 
40% off the Saas Valley’s cross-country trails (26 km) 
40% off the Saas Valley winter hiking pass 

20% discounts
20% off the Saas-Grund winter hiking pass 
20% off the daily specials at selected mountain restaurants 
20% off admission to Aqua Allalin 
20% off parking in Saas-Fee (varies depending on length of stay)

10 % discounts 
10% off all ski passes of three days or more 
10% off admission to all sledging runs

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